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Pvt Ltd Registration in india

Pvt Ltd Registration in india

Private Limited Company Registration

A private limited company is the best way to start a business. It is less complicated than a private company. The number of shares of the representatives of a Private Limited shall be limited. Public trading of shares of a Private Limited Company is not allowed.

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Benefits of Private Limited Company

  • Private limited companies are more acceptable to Government Agencies, corporate vendors than a proprietorship and normal partnership business.
  • Easy to raise funds through bank loans, angel investors.
  • If a company faces downfall, only directors’ investment is lost; their personal assets are not at risk.
  • Easy workflow due to less complexity attracts investors to invest in your Pvt. Ltd company.
  • The company is easy to sell due to less documentation required.
  • The company is Not liable to disclose financial reports to the public as compulsory for public companies.
  • Minimum share capital is 1,00,000INR with no compulsion of funds requirement.
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Documents required for Directors & Shareholders:

Documents Required for Registered Office Address:

Minimum requirements for a private limited company are:

A minimum of two directors and shareholders are required.

One director should be an Indian resident.

Minimum authorized share capital 1,00,000INR

DIN number of directors.

Digital signature for two promoters and one witness.

MOM & AOA subscriber sheets.

Short description of the company and its business.

After Registration, you will get :

Incorporation certificate

Company name approval.

DIN for two directors

Customization incorporation master file

Company TAN/TDS number

Document support for Bank account opening

Company Pan Card.

Digital signatures token for two promoters and one witness