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Foreign Remittance (Form 15CA & 15CB)

Foreign Remittance (Form 15CA & 15CB)

Foreign Remittance (Form 15CA & 15 CB)

  • Form 15CA: Form 15CA is a declaration made by the person remitting the money wherein he states that he has deducted the tax from the payment to non-resident.
  • Form 15CB: Form 15CB is a certificate issue by a Chartered Accountant ensuring that the provision of DTAA and income tax act have been complied with in respect of tax deduction while making payment. 
  • Form 15CA & 15CB will not be required  for payment made to non-residents which are taxable and if payment exceeds Rs. 5,00,000
  • Payment below Rs. 5,00,000: Part A of form 15CA
  • Payment above Rs. 5,00,000: Part B of 15CA, Certificate of CA in form 15CB, Part C of form 15CA 

Documents Required:

  • Details of Remitter : Name, Address, PAN, Principal Place of business, Status, Mobile Number, Email
  • Details of Remittee: Name & Status, Address, Principal place of business, Country
  • Details of Remittance: Country to which and in which remittance is made, amount in INR, Proposed date
  • Nature of remittance as per agreement (Invoice Copy)
  • Bank details of remitier ( Name, BSR Code, Branch Name)
Foreign Remittance (Form 15CA & 15 CB)