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Deduction under chapter 6A

Deduction under chapter 6A

Deduction under chapter 6A

80C: Maximum limit Rs.1.50 Lacs

  • Life insurance premium for self, spouse, children– premium amount can’t more than 10% of sum assured, suffering from disability = 15% of sum assured
  • PPF -Interest is also tax free
  • NSC – first 5 years accrued interest also exempt
  • ULIP
  • 5 year time deposit in post office
  • Senior Citizens Saving Scheme (Interest is taxable)
  • Notified units of Mutual Fund of UTI
  • Tuition fees for two children – donation, capital fees, admission fees, annual charges,  development charges are not exempt
  • Fdr-5 years or above – first four years accrued interest also exempt
  • Specified Infrastructures bonds
  • Home loan installment – including repayment of loan of house property
  • EPF or GPF
  • Registry Amount


  • Post office R.d. (No Rebate)
  • Kisan vikas patar (No Rebate)
  • Company deposit (No Rebate)
  • GOI bond (No Rebate)


  • National Pension Scheme (NPS) = Rs.50000/-


  • Medical insurance premium upto Rs 25,000  & Rs 50,000 for senior citizen
  • Additional deduction of Rs 25,000 will be allowed if insurance policy of parents is taken. If parents are senior citizen then an additional  Rs.5,000/- can be claimed


  • Maintenance including medical treatment of a handicapped dependent upto 1.25 Lacs


  • Medical treatment expenses upto 100K – for some special treatments


  • Payment of interest of loan taken for higher education – no Limit


  • Donation (50% to 100%) (Limited to Total income after deduction x 10%), National Children Fund = 100%



  • If you do not get HRA, but have rented a house, an exemption is available. This will be calculated as minimum of (25% of total income or rent paid – 10% of total income or Rs.60,000/- per year)

Conditions for 80GG

  • He not received HRA
  • He, His wife, Children or HUF should not own any residential Accommodation


  • Rs. 10000 per annum towards interest on deposits (excluding time deposits)


  • Rs. 50000 per annum towards interest on deposits (including time deposits) for senior citizens. However no deduction u/s 80TTA shall be allowed in these cases.

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