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Business Registration

GST Registration

Rs. 999/-

GST new registration just Rs. 999/-.


Pvt Ltd Registration

Rs. 9999/-

Private Limited Company registration starting just Rs. 9999/-.

LLP Registration

Rs. 9999/-

Limited liability partnership formation just Rs. 9999/-.

Partnership Registration

Rs. 2499/-

Partnership Registration just Rs. 2499/-.

Tax Filing

Income Tax Filing

Rs. 999/-

Income Tax Filing with Computation starting just Rs. 999/-.

Rs. 999/-

GST filing starting just Rs. 999/- per month.

Company Compliance

Rs. 14999/-

Private Ltd annual Compliance starting just Rs. 14999/-.


Rs. 1999/-

TDS quarterly filing starting just Rs. 1999/- 

Govt Licenses

MSME Registration

Rs. 2499/-

MSME new registration just Rs. 2499/-.


Rs. 2499/-

FSSAI new registration starting just Rs. 2499/-.


Rs. 2499/-

Import Export code registration just Rs. 2499/-.

Shop & Establishment

Rs. 2499/-

Shop & Establishment Registration just Rs. 2499/-.

Trade Mark/ ISO/ Barcode


Rs. 2499/-

ISO new registration just Rs. 2499/-.

Bar Code

Rs. 1499/-

Bar Code registration  just Rs. 1499/-.

Trade Mark Registration

Rs. 6499/-

Trade Mark (TM) Registration just Rs. 6499/-.

EPF/ESIC Registration

Rs. 4999/-

EPF/ESIC Registration just Rs. 4999/-.

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