ROC Compliance

ROC Compliance ROC Compliance all inclusive price ₹ 12,000/- ₹ 7,500/- Online Process Dedicated manager to process your ROC Compliance Error free Compliance Free Advice 24 x 7 support Timely filing ROC Compliance Calendar The ROC compliance calendar for regular and annual filings during the year 2021 is provided below: Name of E-form Purpose […]

Foreign Remittance (Form 15CA & 15CB)

Foreign Remittance (Form 15CA & 15 CB) Form 15CA: Form 15CA is a declaration made by the person remitting the money wherein he states that he has deducted the tax from the payment to non-resident. Form 15CB: Form 15CB is a certificate issue by a Chartered Accountant ensuring that the provision of DTAA and income […]

Digital Signature

Digital Signature ( DSC) Digital Signature all inclusive price ₹ 2,000/- ₹ 1,000/- Online Process Dedicated manager to process your DSC Free Advice 24 x 7 support Timely process What is Digital Signature? A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key that is issued by certifying authorities. A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) contains […]

Cash Transactions Limit

Cash Transactions Limit There is no provison in GST restricting cash transactions. Section 40A (3) of IT Act: No person shall pay exceeding of Rs. 10,000/ 35,000 to a person in single day. Section 269ST of IT Act: No person shall receive an amount in cash exceeding or equal to Rs. 2,00,000 in aggregate from […]

Gold Storage Limit

Gold Stoarage Limit There is no restriction how much gold an individual can hold. Here gold does not only means Jewelry, but it also includes gold coins, gold bars, and other forms. The Income Tax Department will not seize Jewelry and ornaments to the extent to these limits, even if the same does not seem […]

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing “Transfer pricing” refers to the prices of transactions between related parties like the Holding and subsidiary, which may take place under the conditions differing from those taking place between independent enterprises. The transfer price between relevant parties may not be at par when compared to the transfer price on transactions with unrelated parties. […]

MSME Registration

MSME Registration MSME Registration all inclusive price ₹ 5,000/- ₹ 2,500/- Online Process Dedicated manager to process your MSME Registration Free Advice 24 x 7 support Fast Registration A What is MSME MSME means, “Micro Small Medium Enterprises”. Currently MSME is distributing the certificate in the name of Udyog Aadhaar. Benefits of MSME Major Benefits […]

Distribution of dividend

Types of Dividend Sole Proprietorship in India, is a one-man organization under which one can owns, manages & Controls of a business. One of the primary benefit of sole proprietorship in India is that it registration is not required. No fees to be paid for starting a sole proprietorship business in India & no government […]

Funding in Private Limited Company

Sources from whom loan can be borrowed by Private Limited Note: Position at the time of acceptance of loan will be considered. Director will submit a declaration that amount is not being given out of funds acquired by him by borrowing or accepting loans or deposits from others. Company can accept any amount of loan […]

Pvt Ltd Registration in india

Private Limited Company Registration A private limited company is the best way to start a business. It is less complicated than a private company. The number of shares of the representatives of a Private Limited shall be limited. Public trading of shares of a Private Limited Company is not allowed. Thes best price we offer […]